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Outboard Motor Gaskets

December 13, 2012

Back to gaskets, we recently made this batch of gaskets and fiber washers for a long time customer involved in outboard motor restoration. He supplied us with the ID/OD and thickness dimensions for the washers, and an old gasket for the gasket. The ring washers on the left were made from 0.5mm aluminum, the two blacks washers from a non-asbestos composite material, and the red washers from a fiber material. Upon receiving these he reported that they were perfect.

finished gaskets image

Original gasket on left, copies on right.

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Briggs Head Gasket

December 13, 2012

This customer sent us the scan you see below and asked for a quotation for 100 gaskets. The customer made the scan using backing graph paper that can be downloaded from The graph paper allows us to check to see that the scan prints out in the correct 1:1 size.

The customer specified a metal reinforced graphite head gasket material in 2.0mm. We were able to provide a quote for that quickly and following the customer’s approval we proceeded to fulfill the order, and you can see a stack of the finished gaskets just below the scan image.

Upon receiving the gaskets the customer wrote, “They are PERFECT, great job”, which is always nice to hear, and asked that we provide a link to his website ( where these can be purchased. Done. They are replacements for Briggs head gaskets part # 69004 and fit models A H L M S T & Y.*

*Any reference to original equipment manufacturers, there trade names or stock numbers are for identification purposes only.


Scan made using graph paper available for download and printing at


Finished Gaskets

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Toyota Hilux 3Y MLS Head Gasket

November 14, 2012

If you can find an MLS head gasket for your engine from Cometic or other provider you should buy it from them, but if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask us for a quotation. We can make MLS gaskets in quantities of one or more. Modifications are no problem, and we can even vary bore sizes or thicknesses  in the same order at no extra charge.

This customer sent us a head gasket for a Toyota Hilux 3Y and asked that we use that to make an MLS head gasket 1.5mm thick, which you can see below.

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Bamford model Z4 Diesel engine

December 1, 2010

Bamford was a British manufacture of small industrial and farm engines, among other things, dating back to the 1870s. I am not sure if they are still around, but believe they may be but trading under a different name.

A customer who has used our services before sent a scan of a head gasket for one of Bamford’s model Z4 diesel engines from the 1930s. He liked our price and decided to order four of them. Because the head gasket was too large to fit entirely within a scanner frame the customer split it in two, and with the aid of some supplementary dimensions we were able to reconstruct that and create a pattern. Upon receiving the gaskets this is what the customer had to say:

The gasket looks great as I expected it would.
Pleasure to again be able to do business with you.

I will paste an image of the scan used to make a pattern, followed by an image of one of the gaskets we made, and a picture of a Z4 engine:

Gasket Scan

Reproduction, with steel fire ring and copper bushed water passages

Bamford Model Z4

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Rolls Royce Merlin 1590V Mk35 Rocker Arm Covers

December 1, 2010

An aircraft museum in the USA sent  a request to make 20 leftside and 20 rightside rocker cover gaskets for a Rolls Royce Merlin 1590V Mk35 engine. They sent some old gaskets along with a pattern for some changes to the outside of the gaskets. We offered three material choices along with spec sheets and the customer chose to have these die-cut using a material known as S-207 from Interface Solutions. The rocker cover gaskets differ just slightly between left and right, so we marked them accordingly as shown below the image of one of the bunches of gaskets.

Rocker Cover Gaskets (20)

Gaskets marked for left/right

Here is an image of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine:

Wikipedia has full details on these engines here:

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Lanchester Copper Sandwich Exhaust Gaskets

September 26, 2010

Lanchester automobiles were an early English  marque that at one time were renowned for their quality. According to the Wikipedia listing on these cars:

Lanchester Motor Company was a car manufacturer based at Armourer Mills, Montgomery Street Birmingham, England. It operated from 1895–1955. The company having merged with Daimler and thence becoming part of Jaguar, the rights to the Lanchester marque now lie with Tata Motors of India, which purchased Jaguar from the Ford Motor Company in March 2008.


Here is a Lanchester advertisement  from back in the day:

One of our regular customers sent us a drawing (shown below) and asked for a quotation for making some exhaust gaskets for a Lanchester,  model unknown.

Working from the drawing, we created copper sandwich exhaust gaskets using metal-mesh composite  non-asbestos inner material from Interface Solutions (USA), as shown below. The gasket is sitting on top of an actual size print-out of the drawing supplied by the customer. If you need copper sandwich gaskets like this or any other kind of gasket please contact us today via our web site (URL below image).

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Offenhauser 110

August 8, 2010

Offenhauser was an American racing engine manufacturer that was in business 50 years, from 1933 to 1983. The inspiration for the race winning ‘Offy’ engines was a 1913 Peugeot Grand Prix car. The engine came to feature twin overhead cams, four cylinders, and four valves per cylinder, and went on to power Indianapolis 500 winners an incredible 27 times.  Smaller versions, such as the 110, were used to power midget racers. You can learn more about it on the Offenhauser Wikipedia entry and elsewhere on the web, it is a fascinating story.

This customer, pictured with one of these engines below, ordered enough gaskets to make 40 engine sets. There was no head gasket because these cars had no head gasket! That’s is why they could run with very high compression ratios without fear of head gasket failure.

We were supplied with tracings along with dimensions called out, and the type of material desired. For most of the gaskets we used a non-asbestos composite from Inteface Solutions called NI-2085, and all the gaskets were die cut. It was gratifying to hear the customer’s comment on receiving the gaskets:

“Gaskets arrived Mon. and were all beautiful. Thanks for an expert job.”

If you need gaskets for an Offenhauser 110 let me know and I will direct you to the customer.

Lance and friend Ed share coffee with what looks like a beautifully restored Offy 110

Finished gaskets, wrapped and ready to ship

One of the excellent template sheets furnished by the customer

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Moto Guzzi Falcone Copper Crush Rings

July 29, 2010

The Moto Guzzi Falcone was an unusual Italian single cylinder motorcycle that had a long life span and several different iterations.

A customer contacted Gaskets-to-Go about making some somewhat unusual copper crush washers. Unusual because the spec called for a thin copper ring to be inserted inside the gasket material sandwich, so in effect there are three copper layers and two filler layers. The arrow in the close-up image below shows one of the inner copper layers. If you are in need of these gaskets for a Falcone let me know and I will put you in touch with the customer.

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Listeroid Gaskets

February 28, 2010

Earlier this month I wrote about Lister and Listeroid gaskets. Lister is an old English firm that manufactured a line of diesel engines that are popular around the world to this day, so popular that they continue to be manufactured in India by many different firms. These Indian copies are referred to as ‘Listeroids’ by the Lister engine communityto differentiate them from the genuine Lister engines.  Many are identical or almost identical to the originals, but the cylinder head pattern is one important area of difference. Lister OEM pattern head gaskets will fit many Listeroids, but there will be redundant bolt holes and the water passages do not match up 100%.

From what I have been able to gather, the Indian manufacturers have a habit of leaving swarf in the castings and the engines must be cleaned up and rebuilt in order for them to last. They also come with very poor quality gaskets, which is why many Lister owners came to us for help. At our Lister gasket web site we supply a head gasket for Lister and Listeroids that has been very well received by Lister owners, and we will be soon adding Listeroid patterns to our list of gaskets on the site. I will post a picture of one of these below along with the Lister pattern so you can see the difference. As always, we can customize both patterns with different bore sizes.

Listeroid 10/1 Head Gasket

Our Lister CS Series pattern available at

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Komatsu Mini-Excavator

February 28, 2010

More than a few of our customers are looking for gaskets for Chinese and Japanese industrial engines. With the sheer number of different models and differences in domestic and export names it can be tough to find gaskets, particularly if they are no longer sold. This customer had a Komatsu Mini-Excavator with what he suspected might be a Yanmar engine. He sent a scan, and after receiving a quotation  sent us the old pattern to work from. We created the gasket using a metal-mesh reinforced non-asbestos composite material from Interface Solutions, with steel fire rings and one water passage bushed in copper. I will insert images of the scan and one of the  gaskets we made below:

The customer marked the hole to be bushed in copper with a circle. We marked the scan up in red text for our use.

And here is an image of one of the new gaskets. Note the copper bush in the lower left-hand corner of the gasket:

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