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Speaker Gaskets, NBR (BunaN) 3.0mm

November 10, 2012

This customer sent us a sketch with dimensions for a speaker gasket to be made using NBR rubber 3.0mm thick. NBR is also known as Nitrile or BunaN. We die cut 100 pieces, as you can see below:



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Natural Rubber (NR) Gaskets

March 4, 2010

This customer needed a rubber gasket to seal an electronic box of some sort. Since the box was not exposed to chemicals, solvents, or sunlight he determined that natural rubber would be fine in this application. We were able to provide a quotation using a simple but sufficient drawing created by the customer. After receiving an order for 100 of each type we were able to use the drawing to create dies for die-cutting the gaskets. Images of the drawing and the finished product can be seen below. About a week after receiving these the customer wrote back to say, “The gaskets arrived today and they were perfect and I mean perfect. In a world where very few things are done properly these days they were certainly worth the wait…So thanks again for a job well done.”

The drawing furnished by the customer

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