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Alloy water pump bodies

December 13, 2012

Here’s another example of a non-gasket project we recently helped a customer with. The customer sent us an automobile water pump body along with the bearing and seal. There was no drawing available, except for one with the bearing dimensions. He liked our quotation and remarked that the price was much better than he could get in the US, so he placed an order for 300 pieces.

The bodies were cast from a strong aluminum alloy, and then machined in a CNC operation. After bead blasting, the machined assemblies were then placed in a vacuum set-up to absorb an epoxy sealant to ensure against any pin-hole leaks. Each unit was then pressure testing under water to check for any leaks.

We shipped those in four 25 kgs boxes via UPS to the USA. The duty charges only amounted to a bit less than $100, well worth it from our customer’s point of view.


Original pattern pump (L), cast pump (C), and pump after bead blasting (R)

finished pumps

Pattern pump on left, finished pump on right with bearing and seal installed

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2 stroke Saab Alloy Bearing Cages

November 3, 2012

I have been extremely remiss in not updating this blog for quite some time. Sheer laziness, and hopefully this post will be the first of many more.

On the left below is an image of a bearing cage we supplied for use in old Saabs. The work was done on a CNC machine, using the supplied cage on the right as a pattern. There was no drawing. The customer supplied a few of the roller bearings for measurement. The alloy is a very tough one, and it was interesting to learn that it was first developed by Japanese aircraft manufacturers doing WWII. We were able to locate that here, imported from a German manufacturer.

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Lanchester Copper Sandwich Exhaust Gaskets

September 26, 2010

Lanchester automobiles were an early English  marque that at one time were renowned for their quality. According to the Wikipedia listing on these cars:

Lanchester Motor Company was a car manufacturer based at Armourer Mills, Montgomery Street Birmingham, England. It operated from 1895–1955. The company having merged with Daimler and thence becoming part of Jaguar, the rights to the Lanchester marque now lie with Tata Motors of India, which purchased Jaguar from the Ford Motor Company in March 2008.


Here is a Lanchester advertisement  from back in the day:

One of our regular customers sent us a drawing (shown below) and asked for a quotation for making some exhaust gaskets for a Lanchester,  model unknown.

Working from the drawing, we created copper sandwich exhaust gaskets using metal-mesh composite  non-asbestos inner material from Interface Solutions (USA), as shown below. The gasket is sitting on top of an actual size print-out of the drawing supplied by the customer. If you need copper sandwich gaskets like this or any other kind of gasket please contact us today via our web site (URL below image).

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Saab 3 Cylinder Two Stroke Motor Mount Rubber

September 26, 2010

In the  previous post to this one  I described some springs we made for a customer who supplies parts and repairs for the old Saab 3 cylinder two stroke automobiles. This same customer also ordered 50 each (left and right) custom molded rubber blocks for use in rebuilding the motor mounts used on those models. We worked from the old motor mounts that he sent us. Pictured below are one of the motor mounts and the new rubber blocks we created from NBR (BunaN) rubber to a density suitable for use in motor mounts. In this case the complex shape of the metal portion of the mounts prevented us from supplying the complete assemblies in the quantities requested, but we can manufacture complete motor mount assemblies. Everything depends on the nature of the mount and the amount ordered. If you need something like this please do not hesitate to ask!

Complete motor mount assemblies as supplied by customer

Rubber blocks for rebuilding motor mounts (Left and Right blocks)

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Saab 3 Cylinder Two Stroke Front Pulley Dampener Spring

September 26, 2010

We received an email with the image of a spring  attached (see below), and the following details:

ID 1 5/16″
OD 1 31/32″
h 1 1/16″
wire thickness 5/16″

Quantity: 10

These springs fits on the front pulley or harmonic balancer of old 3 cylinder two stroke Saabs (pictured below), and according to our customer are often left out when rebuilt. The customer did not want the springs plated as he planned on painting them.

The customer ordered 10 springs, which we supplied as shown in the image below.

The customer was delighted with the springs and sent a picture of one of the springs painted in the red engine color found on those models, and another one showing a spring installed on the engine.

If you need a spring of almost any kind we can help you. Often we can quote against a drawing or image with dimensions, but some times we may need to see an actual spring. It all depends on type and complexity. To learn more, please visit our Web site below and click the spring image, or write us at any time.

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Offenhauser 110

August 8, 2010

Offenhauser was an American racing engine manufacturer that was in business 50 years, from 1933 to 1983. The inspiration for the race winning ‘Offy’ engines was a 1913 Peugeot Grand Prix car. The engine came to feature twin overhead cams, four cylinders, and four valves per cylinder, and went on to power Indianapolis 500 winners an incredible 27 times.  Smaller versions, such as the 110, were used to power midget racers. You can learn more about it on the Offenhauser Wikipedia entry and elsewhere on the web, it is a fascinating story.

This customer, pictured with one of these engines below, ordered enough gaskets to make 40 engine sets. There was no head gasket because these cars had no head gasket! That’s is why they could run with very high compression ratios without fear of head gasket failure.

We were supplied with tracings along with dimensions called out, and the type of material desired. For most of the gaskets we used a non-asbestos composite from Inteface Solutions called NI-2085, and all the gaskets were die cut. It was gratifying to hear the customer’s comment on receiving the gaskets:

“Gaskets arrived Mon. and were all beautiful. Thanks for an expert job.”

If you need gaskets for an Offenhauser 110 let me know and I will direct you to the customer.

Lance and friend Ed share coffee with what looks like a beautifully restored Offy 110

Finished gaskets, wrapped and ready to ship

One of the excellent template sheets furnished by the customer

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MLS Gasket for USDM 1994 Honda Accord LX

March 4, 2010

The larger multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket manufacturers stock MLS gaskets for many cars, trucks, and motorcycles, but if you own a less popular model or need a custom MLS gasket you might be out of luck. One of the most well known MLS gasket manufacturers requires a minimum tooling charge of $3000 to start plus the cost of gaskets, which usually mean a minimum order of at least 100 gaskets. If you are in that situation, Gaskets-to-Go is the place to go as we can manufacture this kind of gasket with no tooling or set-up charges and in quantities as low as one gasket. They are not cheap, but if you require a state-of-the-art gaskets that are generally bullet-proof if installed correctly, an MLS is the way to go.

In this case the customer is working on a modified Honda Accord LX engine and needed a different bore and thickness than the OEM MLS gasket. Still experimenting he ordered this gasket in 1.9mm, and will be testing it. He sent us his old gasket to use as a template. The customer is not sure if his calculations are correct, so he will be testing this one and then ordering another once he determines what he needs.

Gasket image submitted by customer for quotation

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