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Pincor Model A 60-062 head gasket

April 12, 2014

This is a 1.5mm steel reinforced composite head gasket for Pincor Model engines. I will insert an image of one of those engines below the gasket image. Anyone interested in purchasing one or more of these please contact Jim through his website at :

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Pincor HeadGasket001


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Brass Cover for Dyamo/Generator

December 13, 2012

White we primarily deal in gaskets, we are also increasingly involved in helping customers with projects involving casting, machining, rubber and plastic molding, springs, silk screened metal badges, etc. If in doubt, just ask. This is a good example of a non-gasket project we recently worked on.

A regular customer sent us an aluminum cover (see image center below) for an old dynamo or generator. Having receiving our quotation for 300 pcs in brass (0.8mm thick) as requested, he placed the order. But, to be sure that the OD/ID dimensions were correct he sent one of the dynamo assemblies to us. The caution was justified because the cover sits on a very narrow ledge inside a hole, and if it was off by only the slightest amount it would either not fit in the hole or sink all the way to the bottom. The covers we made are much stronger than the original aluminum and look better, and they fit perfectly as you can see below. The dimple in the center is for a hold down arm that slides over to keep the cover in place.

Brass Cover

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Briggs Head Gasket

December 13, 2012

This customer sent us the scan you see below and asked for a quotation for 100 gaskets. The customer made the scan using backing graph paper that can be downloaded from The graph paper allows us to check to see that the scan prints out in the correct 1:1 size.

The customer specified a metal reinforced graphite head gasket material in 2.0mm. We were able to provide a quote for that quickly and following the customer’s approval we proceeded to fulfill the order, and you can see a stack of the finished gaskets just below the scan image.

Upon receiving the gaskets the customer wrote, “They are PERFECT, great job”, which is always nice to hear, and asked that we provide a link to his website ( where these can be purchased. Done. They are replacements for Briggs head gaskets part # 69004 and fit models A H L M S T & Y.*

*Any reference to original equipment manufacturers, there trade names or stock numbers are for identification purposes only.


Scan made using graph paper available for download and printing at


Finished Gaskets

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Bamford model Z4 Diesel engine

December 1, 2010

Bamford was a British manufacture of small industrial and farm engines, among other things, dating back to the 1870s. I am not sure if they are still around, but believe they may be but trading under a different name.

A customer who has used our services before sent a scan of a head gasket for one of Bamford’s model Z4 diesel engines from the 1930s. He liked our price and decided to order four of them. Because the head gasket was too large to fit entirely within a scanner frame the customer split it in two, and with the aid of some supplementary dimensions we were able to reconstruct that and create a pattern. Upon receiving the gaskets this is what the customer had to say:

The gasket looks great as I expected it would.
Pleasure to again be able to do business with you.

I will paste an image of the scan used to make a pattern, followed by an image of one of the gaskets we made, and a picture of a Z4 engine:

Gasket Scan

Reproduction, with steel fire ring and copper bushed water passages

Bamford Model Z4

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Listeroid Gaskets

February 28, 2010

Earlier this month I wrote about Lister and Listeroid gaskets. Lister is an old English firm that manufactured a line of diesel engines that are popular around the world to this day, so popular that they continue to be manufactured in India by many different firms. These Indian copies are referred to as ‘Listeroids’ by the Lister engine communityto differentiate them from the genuine Lister engines.  Many are identical or almost identical to the originals, but the cylinder head pattern is one important area of difference. Lister OEM pattern head gaskets will fit many Listeroids, but there will be redundant bolt holes and the water passages do not match up 100%.

From what I have been able to gather, the Indian manufacturers have a habit of leaving swarf in the castings and the engines must be cleaned up and rebuilt in order for them to last. They also come with very poor quality gaskets, which is why many Lister owners came to us for help. At our Lister gasket web site we supply a head gasket for Lister and Listeroids that has been very well received by Lister owners, and we will be soon adding Listeroid patterns to our list of gaskets on the site. I will post a picture of one of these below along with the Lister pattern so you can see the difference. As always, we can customize both patterns with different bore sizes.

Listeroid 10/1 Head Gasket

Our Lister CS Series pattern available at

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Stover DV2

February 28, 2010

Stover was one of the larger American industrial engine manufacturers. If my research is correct they were in business from 1895 to 1942. Shutting down in 1942 seems  curious, what with war-time production at capacity. I wonder why Stover wasn’t busy with government contracts to make engines or any other needed material? Perhaps a reader can enlighten us as to why that was the case?

The customer sent a scan for this gasket, and asked for copper sandwich construction. The backing grid indicated that it was not printing out at 1:1, so I foolishly adjusted it so that it would print out correctly. What I didn’t know was that the customer (without realizing it) had scanned it at less than full size, so the result was that I sent him a pile of gaskets that were the wrong size! We sorted that out, but just to be safe the customer sent the old gasket to us and we redid the batch.  I have since revised the scanning instructions at to make things clearer.

Stover DV2

Finished gaskets along with used pattern gasket

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1910 Fairbanks Morse 2 HP Vertical

February 27, 2010

A growing portion of our business comes from those restoring old industrial and farm engines. In this particular case the customer sent scans of a composite head gasket and solid copper exhaust gaskets for a 1910 Fairbanks Morse  2HP vertical he is restoring. We used those to provide a quotation, and to make the gaskets once he decided to place an order. Upon receiving the gaskets this customer wrote back to say that he had just, “…received the gaskets and they fit just fine, Good job,” which is always nice to hear. I will paste below an image of a similar machine , followed by the customer’s scans and our gaskets.

Fairbanks Morse Vertical Engine

Customer Supplied Scans

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Lister/Listeroid 3/1 Head Gasket

February 8, 2010

In addition to the Lister gaskets I sell at I can supply other Lister and Listeroid gaskets to order. ‘Listeroid’ is the term used to describe Lister engine clones made in India and elsewhere. These slow running diesel engines are still in use around the world, even though the original British design dates back more than  80 years ago. Many gaskets are common to both Lister originals and the clones, but some are not. Recently I had a customer request a Listeroid Pattern 3/1 head gasket. I have a die for this in stock so we punched one out and sent it along with a set of engine gaskets since most of those are common between Listers and Listeroid models. Here is what the customer wrote after receiving them:

gaskets received 5/2/2010.
excellent-thank you
will do business again

At some point I will be adding additional Lister gaskets to the Lister site. I will post an image of a Lister engine and the gasket below:

Lister Engine

Listeroid 3/1 128mm Bore Steel Reinforced Non-Asbestos Head Gasket with Flame Ring. Gasket material from Interface Solutions (USA)

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Lauson RAY Small Engine Head Gasket

January 31, 2010

This gasket is from a regular customer who collects and restores old Lauson engines. He always order the same Armstrong metal clad material, and does not require a steel flame ring.  Although not the preferred method, he sent a tracing by snail mail:

We used that tracing to cut 3 of these from a 1.2mm thick Armstrong metal clad material, which we more often use for exhaust gaskets. We have an even better version of this in 1.8mm as well and I will be posting some images of some exhaust gaskets made from that. Here is one of the finished Lauson gaskets:

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In stock gaskets

December 18, 2009

Although Gaskets-t0-Go is primarily a custom gaskets manufacturer, we do carry a few gaskets in stock, primarily for small engines, such as Lister diesel engines, Honda GX small engines, and Changfa diesel engines. We sell those on separate web sites:

You can also find links to those sites on the blogroll on the right (you may have to scroll up to see it).

You can order directly from those sites and pay by credit card or PayPal.

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