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Lister/Listeroid 3/1 Head Gasket

February 8, 2010

In addition to the Lister gaskets I sell at I can supply other Lister and Listeroid gaskets to order. ‘Listeroid’ is the term used to describe Lister engine clones made in India and elsewhere. These slow running diesel engines are still in use around the world, even though the original British design dates back more thanĀ  80 years ago. Many gaskets are common to both Lister originals and the clones, but some are not. Recently I had a customer request a Listeroid Pattern 3/1 head gasket. I have a die for this in stock so we punched one out and sent it along with a set of engine gaskets since most of those are common between Listers and Listeroid models. Here is what the customer wrote after receiving them:

gaskets received 5/2/2010.
excellent-thank you
will do business again

At some point I will be adding additional Lister gaskets to the Lister site. I will post an image of a Lister engine and the gasket below:

Lister Engine

Listeroid 3/1 128mm Bore Steel Reinforced Non-Asbestos Head Gasket with Flame Ring. Gasket material from Interface Solutions (USA)

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