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Air Compressor Gaskets

December 20, 2009

I always like it when customers send me images of the machines our gaskets will be used with. This customer sent me a nice ad for a 1920s air compressor. Turns out the company is still in business all these years later.

The customer needed a set of gaskets, and specified a material  .003 in. thick. Our sizes here are metric, so I recommended a 0.8mm material from Interface Solutions known as NI2085 as we had previously had good results with customers requiring similar compressor gaskets. The customer sent drawing files which we were able to work from.

Here are the finished gaskets. Because this was a one-off order these were hand cut, but you would be hard put to tell that. Here is what the customer had to say, followed by an image of the gasket set:

“The gaskets arrived yesterday morning. They were well packed and arrived without damage. I was concerned they would not be very accurate because they were hand cut, but when I compared them with the templates they were perfect, and by perfect I mean not even a fraction of a mm off.”

I should note here that we usually  hand cut in cases of one-off gaskets like these, but for orders over 30 items or so we use steel rule dies.

If you need a set of gaskets for a Quincy Silent Air-Master we have the patterns here, so let us know.

UPDATE: The customer sent me an image of the restored compressor:

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