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More Springs

May 10, 2015

Three different springs we made for a customer with an antique stationary engine. Note that the governor spring had a missing hook that we replicated.

In the image below you can see the original pattern springs with our copies in the background. We can also mfg most springs from drawings or dimensions. Please feel free to contact us for no obligation pricing.



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Springs & Fasteners-Continued

February 27, 2010

Gaskets-to-Go has a very close relationship with a firm that can manufacture almost any kind of spring or fastener. For most springs we can supply your requirements in quantities of from one on up. To furnish you with a quote we need an image with dimensions  or a drawing. The images below show only a small portion of the different types of springs and fasteners we can help you with. Currently we are producing a set of brake springs for an old American make and will be posting those here soon.

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December 21, 2009

Obviously our main specialty is custom gaskets, but along with molded and extruded rubber items we can also help with springs. There are no tooling or set-up charges for most springs, and usually no minimum order size. That means if you need one spring you can order one spring. Prices decrease dramatically with quantity, so if you only need one spring the cost per piece will be more than if you ordered, say, 20, but if you only need one spring you might have to do that.

We can help with just about any spring, from tiny hair springs to automotive springs, and things that don’t even look like regular springs. Heavier springs might be better sourced closer to home since shipping costs will probably eat any savings, but for most smaller springs our prices are usually very competitive.

I will post an image of some stainless steel springs we recently made for a customer, for some kind of pump. The customer provided the following specs and a drawing of one of the 10 spring he wanted.

Outside Dia  1.125″
Wire Dia.  .0625″
Coils    6
Closed Ends
Material   Stainless steel or Phosphor bronze

Here are the finished springs:

…and here is what he had to say after receiving them:

“Thanks! They look great!”

Here are some valve springs for a small engine that we made several weeks ago. The original is on the left, the copy on the right. Note: They are the same height, they only appear to be of different heights because of a lens effect. This customer ordered 100 springs.

If you need springs or small metal fasteners of any kind please visit to learn more. You can click the Contact Us tab at the top of the Home page to write us with questions.