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Outboard Motor Gaskets

December 13, 2012

Back to gaskets, we recently made this batch of gaskets and fiber washers for a long time customer involved in outboard motor restoration. He supplied us with the ID/OD and thickness dimensions for the washers, and an old gasket for the gasket. The ring washers on the left were made from 0.5mm aluminum, the two blacks washers from a non-asbestos composite material, and the red washers from a fiber material. Upon receiving these he reported that they were perfect.

finished gaskets image

Original gasket on left, copies on right.

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Alloy water pump bodies

December 13, 2012

Here’s another example of a non-gasket project we recently helped a customer with. The customer sent us an automobile water pump body along with the bearing and seal. There was no drawing available, except for one with the bearing dimensions. He liked our quotation and remarked that the price was much better than he could get in the US, so he placed an order for 300 pieces.

The bodies were cast from a strong aluminum alloy, and then machined in a CNC operation. After bead blasting, the machined assemblies were then placed in a vacuum set-up to absorb an epoxy sealant to ensure against any pin-hole leaks. Each unit was then pressure testing under water to check for any leaks.

We shipped those in four 25 kgs boxes via UPS to the USA. The duty charges only amounted to a bit less than $100, well worth it from our customer’s point of view.


Original pattern pump (L), cast pump (C), and pump after bead blasting (R)

finished pumps

Pattern pump on left, finished pump on right with bearing and seal installed

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Brass Cover for Dyamo/Generator

December 13, 2012

White we primarily deal in gaskets, we are also increasingly involved in helping customers with projects involving casting, machining, rubber and plastic molding, springs, silk screened metal badges, etc. If in doubt, just ask. This is a good example of a non-gasket project we recently worked on.

A regular customer sent us an aluminum cover (see image center below) for an old dynamo or generator. Having receiving our quotation for 300 pcs in brass (0.8mm thick) as requested, he placed the order. But, to be sure that the OD/ID dimensions were correct he sent one of the dynamo assemblies to us. The caution was justified because the cover sits on a very narrow ledge inside a hole, and if it was off by only the slightest amount it would either not fit in the hole or sink all the way to the bottom. The covers we made are much stronger than the original aluminum and look better, and they fit perfectly as you can see below. The dimple in the center is for a hold down arm that slides over to keep the cover in place.

Brass Cover

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Briggs Head Gasket

December 13, 2012

This customer sent us the scan you see below and asked for a quotation for 100 gaskets. The customer made the scan using backing graph paper that can be downloaded from The graph paper allows us to check to see that the scan prints out in the correct 1:1 size.

The customer specified a metal reinforced graphite head gasket material in 2.0mm. We were able to provide a quote for that quickly and following the customer’s approval we proceeded to fulfill the order, and you can see a stack of the finished gaskets just below the scan image.

Upon receiving the gaskets the customer wrote, “They are PERFECT, great job”, which is always nice to hear, and asked that we provide a link to his website ( where these can be purchased. Done. They are replacements for Briggs head gaskets part # 69004 and fit models A H L M S T & Y.*

*Any reference to original equipment manufacturers, there trade names or stock numbers are for identification purposes only.


Scan made using graph paper available for download and printing at


Finished Gaskets

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