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Brass Cover for Dyamo/Generator

December 13, 2012

White we primarily deal in gaskets, we are also increasingly involved in helping customers with projects involving casting, machining, rubber and plastic molding, springs, silk screened metal badges, etc. If in doubt, just ask. This is a good example of a non-gasket project we recently worked on.

A regular customer sent us an aluminum cover (see image center below) for an old dynamo or generator. Having receiving our quotation for 300 pcs in brass (0.8mm thick) as requested, he placed the order. But, to be sure that the OD/ID dimensions were correct he sent one of the dynamo assemblies to us. The caution was justified because the cover sits on a very narrow ledge inside a hole, and if it was off by only the slightest amount it would either not fit in the hole or sink all the way to the bottom. The covers we made are much stronger than the original aluminum and look better, and they fit perfectly as you can see below. The dimple in the center is for a hold down arm that slides over to keep the cover in place.

Brass Cover

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