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Briggs Head Gasket

December 13, 2012

This customer sent us the scan you see below and asked for a quotation for 100 gaskets. The customer made the scan using backing graph paper that can be downloaded from The graph paper allows us to check to see that the scan prints out in the correct 1:1 size.

The customer specified a metal reinforced graphite head gasket material in 2.0mm. We were able to provide a quote for that quickly and following the customer’s approval we proceeded to fulfill the order, and you can see a stack of the finished gaskets just below the scan image.

Upon receiving the gaskets the customer wrote, “They are PERFECT, great job”, which is always nice to hear, and asked that we provide a link to his website ( where these can be purchased. Done. They are replacements for Briggs head gaskets part # 69004 and fit models A H L M S T & Y.*

*Any reference to original equipment manufacturers, there trade names or stock numbers are for identification purposes only.


Scan made using graph paper available for download and printing at


Finished Gaskets

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