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Alloy water pump bodies

December 13, 2012

Here’s another example of a non-gasket project we recently helped a customer with. The customer sent us an automobile water pump body along with the bearing and seal. There was no drawing available, except for one with the bearing dimensions. He liked our quotation and remarked that the price was much better than he could get in the US, so he placed an order for 300 pieces.

The bodies were cast from a strong aluminum alloy, and then machined in a CNC operation. After bead blasting, the machined assemblies were then placed in a vacuum set-up to absorb an epoxy sealant to ensure against any pin-hole leaks. Each unit was then pressure testing under water to check for any leaks.

We shipped those in four 25 kgs boxes via UPS to the USA. The duty charges only amounted to a bit less than $100, well worth it from our customer’s point of view.


Original pattern pump (L), cast pump (C), and pump after bead blasting (R)

finished pumps

Pattern pump on left, finished pump on right with bearing and seal installed

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Cast Aluminum Alloy Cooling Rotors

November 28, 2010

A customer sent us an aluminum alloy rotor used on a small engine manufactured some years ago. He wanted us to duplicate the rotor, but make one change. As shown in the second image below, there was one rotor fin that was too close to a bolt hole, so he wanted us to move that fin about 2mm to the right. Apparently that tight location made installation a bit of a headache. We moved the rotor as you can see in the first image. We had a batch of 100 of these cast and machined. Here is what this customer said upon receiving two samples for evaluation:

…just received 2 fan rings, PERFECT

First image above: New fin location  Second image: Previous fin location

Old and new side by side

100 new rotors

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