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Stover DV2

February 28, 2010

Stover was one of the larger American industrial engine manufacturers. If my research is correct they were in business from 1895 to 1942. Shutting down in 1942 seems¬† curious, what with war-time production at capacity. I wonder why Stover wasn’t busy with government contracts to make engines or any other needed material? Perhaps a reader can enlighten us as to why that was the case?

The customer sent a scan for this gasket, and asked for copper sandwich construction. The backing grid indicated that it was not printing out at 1:1, so I foolishly adjusted it so that it would print out correctly. What I didn’t know was that the customer (without realizing it) had scanned it at less than full size, so the result was that I sent him a pile of gaskets that were the wrong size! We sorted that out, but just to be safe the customer sent the old gasket to us and we redid the batch.¬† I have since revised the scanning instructions at to make things clearer.

Stover DV2

Finished gaskets along with used pattern gasket

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