Listeroid Gaskets

Earlier this month I wrote about Lister and Listeroid gaskets. Lister is an old English firm that manufactured a line of diesel engines that are popular around the world to this day, so popular that they continue to be manufactured in India by many different firms. These Indian copies are referred to as ‘Listeroids’ by the Lister engine communityto differentiate them from the genuine Lister engines.  Many are identical or almost identical to the originals, but the cylinder head pattern is one important area of difference. Lister OEM pattern head gaskets will fit many Listeroids, but there will be redundant bolt holes and the water passages do not match up 100%.

From what I have been able to gather, the Indian manufacturers have a habit of leaving swarf in the castings and the engines must be cleaned up and rebuilt in order for them to last. They also come with very poor quality gaskets, which is why many Lister owners came to us for help. At our Lister gasket web site we supply a head gasket for Lister and Listeroids that has been very well received by Lister owners, and we will be soon adding Listeroid patterns to our list of gaskets on the site. I will post a picture of one of these below along with the Lister pattern so you can see the difference. As always, we can customize both patterns with different bore sizes.

Listeroid 10/1 Head Gasket

Our Lister CS Series pattern available at

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