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Multi-layer Steel (MLS) Exhaust Gaskets

February 27, 2010

This customer sent a scan of two exhaust gaskets and asked us to make replacements in the form of a multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets. As the name implies, these are made of multiple layers of steel with a steel fire ring. In this case the fire ring we supplied was made from stainless steel. He wanted something a bit thicker than 2.0mm, so we proposed 2.4mm. I will paste images of  the scan the customer sent and the MLS gaskets below:

Scan of original Armstrong style metal sandwich exhaust gaskets

Finished MLS Exhaust Gaskets with SS Fire Ring from Gaskets-to-Go

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MLS Gasket for 1985 VW 1.6 L Turbo

February 6, 2010

Some time ago a customer contacted us to manufacture a multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket for his VW 1.6 L Turbo engine with a mechanical head. MLS gaskets for this model are apparently not available from the larger manufacturers, so he turned to Gaskets-To-Go for help since we can usually manufacture MLS  gaskets in quantities of one or more. This particular gasket needed to be 1.6mm thick. As you can see from the image, the outer steel layers are embossed and coated, while inside are several more flat layers. MLS gaskets are usually bullet proof provide that the sealing surfaces are smooth and true to 50 RA. They go on dry, and no receiver rings should be used.

To make the gasket the customer sent us an old one off his car. He was very happy with the results and must have let his friends know because over the past two years we continue to receive orders for these from time to time.

If you need an MLS gasket and cannot find one off the shelf from one of the larger dealers like Cometic please contact us. All we need is an image and L x W and thickness dimensions in order to provide you with a quotation.

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Alfa Romeo Montreal MLS Gaskets

December 18, 2009

Multi-layer steel gaskets, known as MLS gaskets, are made of 3 or more layers of spring steel, with the outer layers embossed in critical areas for improved sealing. The outer layers are also coated with viton, silicone, or other proprietary solutions for better sealing as well. This type of head gasket is used for high-performance applications that normal head gaskets can’t withstand. Although it may seem hard to believe, in a high performance engine the head actually lifts off the block hundreds if not thousands of time per minute. The outward tension provided by the steel layers help maintain a seal when this happens. MLS gaskets need to be installed on very smooth surfaces, 50RA or better, and go on dry. They should not be used with receiver rings.

MLS gaskets are currently available off-the-shelve from many suppliers, but they are not available for every car engine. As far as I am aware, Gaskets-to-Go is the only manfacturer able to custom manufacture MLS gaskets in quantities as low as one-off. Most suppliers require large (50+) orders or expensive upfront tooling charges. They are not cheap, but they are often the only solution. Please feel free to contact me via if you are interested in this type of gasket.

I will post an image of an Alfa Romeo Montreal, which I think you will agree is a fine looking automobile. This customer had completed some engine mods and wanted and MLS gasket.

Alfa Romeo Montreal

We used his old gaskets to create the pair below.

If you own a Montreal and need some MLS gaskets please contact me via

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