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MLS Gasket for USDM 1994 Honda Accord LX

March 4, 2010

The larger multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket manufacturers stock MLS gaskets for many cars, trucks, and motorcycles, but if you own a less popular model or need a custom MLS gasket you might be out of luck. One of the most well known MLS gasket manufacturers requires a minimum tooling charge of $3000 to start plus the cost of gaskets, which usually mean a minimum order of at least 100 gaskets. If you are in that situation, Gaskets-to-Go is the place to go as we can manufacture this kind of gasket with no tooling or set-up charges and in quantities as low as one gasket. They are not cheap, but if you require a state-of-the-art gaskets that are generally bullet-proof if installed correctly, an MLS is the way to go.

In this case the customer is working on a modified Honda Accord LX engine and needed a different bore and thickness than the OEM MLS gasket. Still experimenting he ordered this gasket in 1.9mm, and will be testing it. He sent us his old gasket to use as a template. The customer is not sure if his calculations are correct, so he will be testing this one and then ordering another once he determines what he needs.

Gasket image submitted by customer for quotation

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MLS Gasket for 1985 VW 1.6 L Turbo

February 6, 2010

Some time ago a customer contacted us to manufacture a multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket for his VW 1.6 L Turbo engine with a mechanical head. MLS gaskets for this model are apparently not available from the larger manufacturers, so he turned to Gaskets-To-Go for help since we can usually manufacture MLS  gaskets in quantities of one or more. This particular gasket needed to be 1.6mm thick. As you can see from the image, the outer steel layers are embossed and coated, while inside are several more flat layers. MLS gaskets are usually bullet proof provide that the sealing surfaces are smooth and true to 50 RA. They go on dry, and no receiver rings should be used.

To make the gasket the customer sent us an old one off his car. He was very happy with the results and must have let his friends know because over the past two years we continue to receive orders for these from time to time.

If you need an MLS gasket and cannot find one off the shelf from one of the larger dealers like Cometic please contact us. All we need is an image and L x W and thickness dimensions in order to provide you with a quotation.

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