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Exhaust Gaskets with Steel Fire Ring

March 4, 2010

Not too long ago we received a request for quotation containing a scan of an exhaust gasket. The customer said he was tired of burning out the stock exhaust gaskets and wanted something better. If you take a close look at the gasket you will see that it has burned right through on the left side. You can also see that the gasket has no fire or flame ring to protect the material from directed longitudinal contact with the hot exhaust gases. Given that the OEM gasket was of an obviously inferior design I suggested  using an Armstrong material from Interface Solutions with a steel fire ring since a multi-layer steel (MLS) exhaust gasket would be more expensive and most likely more than was required in this application. The Armstrong material is a dimpled metal sandwich containing an inner layer of mineral fiber that can withstand high temps. Armstrong is the former name of Interface Solutions.   Since the customer provided a 1:1 scan we were able to work from that to create new 1.8mm thick gaskets as pictured below.

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