Lanchester Copper Sandwich Exhaust Gaskets

Lanchester automobiles were an early English  marque that at one time were renowned for their quality. According to the Wikipedia listing on these cars:

Lanchester Motor Company was a car manufacturer based at Armourer Mills, Montgomery Street Birmingham, England. It operated from 1895–1955. The company having merged with Daimler and thence becoming part of Jaguar, the rights to the Lanchester marque now lie with Tata Motors of India, which purchased Jaguar from the Ford Motor Company in March 2008.


Here is a Lanchester advertisement  from back in the day:

One of our regular customers sent us a drawing (shown below) and asked for a quotation for making some exhaust gaskets for a Lanchester,  model unknown.

Working from the drawing, we created copper sandwich exhaust gaskets using metal-mesh composite  non-asbestos inner material from Interface Solutions (USA), as shown below. The gasket is sitting on top of an actual size print-out of the drawing supplied by the customer. If you need copper sandwich gaskets like this or any other kind of gasket please contact us today via our web site (URL below image).

Please visit our Web site at

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