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Multi-layer Steel (MLS) Exhaust Gaskets

February 27, 2010

This customer sent a scan of two exhaust gaskets and asked us to make replacements in the form of a multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets. As the name implies, these are made of multiple layers of steel with a steel fire ring. In this case the fire ring we supplied was made from stainless steel. He wanted something a bit thicker than 2.0mm, so we proposed 2.4mm. I will paste images of  the scan the customer sent and the MLS gaskets below:

Scan of original Armstrong style metal sandwich exhaust gaskets

Finished MLS Exhaust Gaskets with SS Fire Ring from Gaskets-to-Go

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1910 Fairbanks Morse 2 HP Vertical

February 27, 2010

A growing portion of our business comes from those restoring old industrial and farm engines. In this particular case the customer sent scans of a composite head gasket and solid copper exhaust gaskets for a 1910 Fairbanks Morse  2HP vertical he is restoring. We used those to provide a quotation, and to make the gaskets once he decided to place an order. Upon receiving the gaskets this customer wrote back to say that he had just, “…received the gaskets and they fit just fine, Good job,” which is always nice to hear. I will paste below an image of a similar machine , followed by the customer’s scans and our gaskets.

Fairbanks Morse Vertical Engine

Customer Supplied Scans

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Meadows HDC Engine

February 15, 2010

Meadows made lots of engines and gearboxes for industrial, automotive, and marine use in the U.K. until it merged with another company and the name disappeared in 1960. A customer asked for a quotation based on a drawing in .dxf format, which I will paste below. The type of gasket requested was non-asbestos copper sandwich construction, and in addition to the bore there were three passages that needed to be sealed or bushed, i.e. the copper needed to be folded over in those area. To let us know which ones he marked those will a C.

Here is one of the finished gaskets:

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Felt Washers

February 6, 2010

From time to time we are called on by customers to manufacture felt washers and other felt gaskets, which we can do in a variety of thicknesses. This particular customer sent ID, OD, and thickness specs and a photo of one of the felt gaskets he required in a quantity of 150 pieces.  I will post the image of the original gasket below and an image showing some of the gaskets we made when the order was received.

Image sent by customer along with OD 1 78″ ID 3/4″ and 1/4″ thickness spec

Finished white felt gaskets

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Lauson RAY Small Engine Head Gasket

January 31, 2010

This gasket is from a regular customer who collects and restores old Lauson engines. He always order the same Armstrong metal clad material, and does not require a steel flame ring.  Although not the preferred method, he sent a tracing by snail mail:

We used that tracing to cut 3 of these from a 1.2mm thick Armstrong metal clad material, which we more often use for exhaust gaskets. We have an even better version of this in 1.8mm as well and I will be posting some images of some exhaust gaskets made from that. Here is one of the finished Lauson gaskets:

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Cummins Diesel Steel Sandwich Head Gasket

January 31, 2010

This project was a bit different than some of the steel sandwich gaskets we have made in the past. The customer informed me that inside the gasket there was a separate steel sheet in the cylinder area. If you look at the picture of the used gasket I will insert below, the extra steel sheet is under the part of the gasket that is lighter than the rest of the gasket.

Initially the customer sent this image, which we used to develop a quotation. He liked that, so he sent the old gasket to use for use in making 4 new gaskets, which you can see below. These have the extra steel sheet inside, and the copper inserts just like the OEM gasket.

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Curved Dash Oldsmobile

December 23, 2009

It is hard to believe but the Oldsmobile is no longer with us. My first car was a rusty $100 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Didn’t last too much longer after I bought it, but I went on to have good experiences with a second hand 1979 Olds Cutlass and a 1984 88.

I mention Olds because we recently had the honor of making a batch of copper head and valve cover gaskets for the very first car mass-produced in any quantity, the Curved Dash Olds, produced from 1901 to 1907.

There were only about 20,000 of these made, but something like 1,000 are still around, and the CDO Club sent a drawing of the valve cover gasket and a scan with dimensions for the head gasket in order to order enough of these gaskets to keep these machines running.

Here are the finished gaskets:

CDO Valve Cover Gaskets

CDO Head Gasket

If you need gaskets for your Curved Dash Olds, please contact Gary Hoonsbeen at the CDO Club.

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Leyland Truck Copper Sandwich Head Gasket

December 21, 2009

Leyland was a British manufacturer of trucks (lorries) and buses that is sadly no more.

A regular customer in the UK specializes in supplying gaskets for industrial marques that have long gone by the wayside, with spares difficult if not impossible to find. After sending an image of an old Leyland gasket along with dimensions and thickness for a quotation he was happy with the quoted price and sent a copy of a used gasket to use as a pattern.

This type of gasket is known as a copper sandwich gasket, also referred to as a copandas gasket in the UK, and consists of an inner material sandwiched by sheets of copper.  Originally these contained asbestos inner material, but asbestos is now banned in Europe, Australia, NZ, and most other countries, with the exception of the USA and a few others. Instead of asbestos we have been using a non-asbestos material very similar in appearance to the original white asbestos. This material is supplied by Interface Solutions (USA) and known as HT5050. Alternatively, and expecially for thicker gaskets, we use a metal mesh reinforced composite head gasket material from Interface Solutions. In this case the customer opted for the latter option.

This gasket was sealed around the outside, which means the copper is crimped over to seal the inner material. I am not sure if that really makes any difference, but some of the older gaskets came that way  and in order to make these as authentic as possible the customer wanted that. All the holes except for the bolt holes were bushed as well, so this was a fairly labor-intensive gasket to make. The results are below, with the old pattern gasket on top and one of the 3 replacement gaskets we made below:

If you recognize that Leyland gasket and need one let me know and I will put you in touch with my customer.

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Gaskets

December 19, 2009

I have a regular customer who is in the business of restoring obscure Japanese small trucks from the 1960s. Really small. To give you an idea of just how small they are, I have helpfully inserted an image of Gary Coleman next to a Cony truck (1 Coleman unit = 4 feet 8 inches):

The customer sent me a galvanized steel exhaust gasket, pictured in a scanned image below. Construction type is a steel sandwich, with an asbestos core.

According to my customer the problem with this gasket is that they rust out rather quickly, so I recommended going with stainless steel, and he agreed. Here is one of the 100 replacement gaskets we made:

If you are a Cony owner in need of gaskets or parts please visit the customer’s web site:

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Honda GX500 Head Gaskets

December 18, 2009

Not sure if this is the right picture, but the customer asked for a quotation based on a gasket image he sent me and said it was for a GX500. All we usually need to supply a quotation is an image along with L x W dimensions, thickness, and quantity required.

He liked the quotation so he sent me a couple of the old gaskets that were in nice shape. We duplicated those using a non-asbestos material from Interface Solutions. The original is on the left, and our copies are on the right.

If have one of these bikes and need a head gasket please contact me via and I will put you in touch with this customer.

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