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A.E.C. 4 85 H.P. Diesel Head Gasket 1934-42

April 25, 2010

A.E.C.  (Associated Equipment Company) was a renowned U.K. manufacturer of buses and lorries (trucks) that is no longer with us, having thrown in the towel in 1979. This engine was used in a variety of different models during the 1930s and 40s, such as the one below.

For purposes of obtaining a quotation this customer sent some images of the old gasket with L x W and thickness dimensions. Because the old gasket was so mangled he also sent a page from an old Payen (UK) gasket catalog.

A peculiar feature of this gasket were restricter plates that were riveted into a dimond shaped cuotout and featured a bushed hole. I will paste a close up image of one of those below:

The customer was happy with the quotation, so we went ahead and produced two of these for him. Because the old gasket was in such poor condition he also sent a paper tracing of the block so that we could locate bolts holes, etc. accurately.

After receiving the gaskets the customer sent this message, which I was quite happy to receive!

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Meadows HDC Engine

February 15, 2010

Meadows made lots of engines and gearboxes for industrial, automotive, and marine use in the U.K. until it merged with another company and the name disappeared in 1960. A customer asked for a quotation based on a drawing in .dxf format, which I will paste below. The type of gasket requested was non-asbestos copper sandwich construction, and in addition to the bore there were three passages that needed to be sealed or bushed, i.e. the copper needed to be folded over in those area. To let us know which ones he marked those will a C.

Here is one of the finished gaskets:

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