A.E.C. 4 85 H.P. Diesel Head Gasket 1934-42

A.E.C.  (Associated Equipment Company) was a renowned U.K. manufacturer of buses and lorries (trucks) that is no longer with us, having thrown in the towel in 1979. This engine was used in a variety of different models during the 1930s and 40s, such as the one below.

For purposes of obtaining a quotation this customer sent some images of the old gasket with L x W and thickness dimensions. Because the old gasket was so mangled he also sent a page from an old Payen (UK) gasket catalog.

A peculiar feature of this gasket were restricter plates that were riveted into a dimond shaped cuotout and featured a bushed hole. I will paste a close up image of one of those below:

The customer was happy with the quotation, so we went ahead and produced two of these for him. Because the old gasket was in such poor condition he also sent a paper tracing of the block so that we could locate bolts holes, etc. accurately.

After receiving the gaskets the customer sent this message, which I was quite happy to receive!

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