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Komatsu Mini-Excavator

February 28, 2010

More than a few of our customers are looking for gaskets for Chinese and Japanese industrial engines. With the sheer number of different models and differences in domestic and export names it can be tough to find gaskets, particularly if they are no longer sold. This customer had a Komatsu Mini-Excavator with what he suspected might be a Yanmar engine. He sent a scan, and after receiving a quotation  sent us the old pattern to work from. We created the gasket using a metal-mesh reinforced non-asbestos composite material from Interface Solutions, with steel fire rings and one water passage bushed in copper. I will insert images of the scan and one of the  gaskets we made below:

The customer marked the hole to be bushed in copper with a circle. We marked the scan up in red text for our use.

And here is an image of one of the new gaskets. Note the copper bush in the lower left-hand corner of the gasket:

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