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Molded Plastic Parts

May 2, 2015

We are now able to offer molded and machined plastic parts. We recently completed several automobile turn signal, stoplight, and reflector projects as well as some other work for plastic automotive parts. In all cases we produced an exact replica down to the logo and script on the parts. In the case of the lenses we use an UV resistant acrylic called Polyglas made with Evonik Degussa material imported from Germany.

There is a considerable amount of tooling involved, so the larger the order the lower the price. As a general rule a quantity of 200-300 pcs results in prices that meet market requirements for those selling replica and restoration parts. Our prices are per piece, with no tooling or set-up charges.

In most cases we can offer pricing based on your clear images along with dimensions. Turn around pricing can be as little as 24 hours, although 2-3 days is average.


Clear polyglas backup lenses
turn signal mini

Polyglas turn signal lens
Hinged Part

Hinged plastic part with metal strip secured by stainless screws and washersMachi

Nylon caps

Machined nylon caps with thread


Polyglas reflectors


Hi temp plastic oil dipstick

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