1917 Overland-Custom Rubber Stripping

As you might imagine, there are probably not too many 1917 Overlands around. Here is an image of a snappy 1917 Overland I found on an auction site:

Because they are so rare  it is probably impossible to find rubber trims parts for them unless they are generic, so this customer supplied me with two factory drawings for some rubber stripping when asking for a quotation:

Happy with the pricing, the customer placed an order for both, and we used the drawing to extrude 75 foot (25 meter) strips from EPDM rubber, which is ideal for rubber with outdoor exposure. I will post cross sections of the final product below:

The time-frame for extruded parts is much quicker than molded parts, usually 10 days vs. 4-5 weeks. The reason is because the tooling required is a lot simpler. Costs per linear foot are very competitive with costs for off the shelf rubber stripping, and even with air or surface shipping costs added in often are less than 1/2 the cost of any strip that might be in stock somewhere. If you want a quotation for any extruded rubber part just send a drawing or image of a cross section of what you need and I will be happy to let you know what it would cost. If any reader has a 1917 Overland and needs these strips let me know and I will put you in touch with my customer.

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